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  Special Tapes  

Working on aircraft engines during the Second World War, Norman Collins realised the need for a vernier type, periphery tape to accurately measure diameters. So when peace came he set up his own company, in California, to manufacture such a tape. Demand exceeded supply in the early years but he refused to sacrifice quantity for quality, a policy which has helped the international reputation of Pi Tape to grow over the years.

Because of its birth within the aerospace industry, quality, accuracy and certification have always been the hallmarks of the company. Today modern manufacturing and quality control techniques ensure that Pi Tape retains its international dominance in the market for accurate, certifiable, diameter measurement.

Although today the annual volume runs into many thousands of tapes, each one is an individual. Each has its own serial number, and related to that serial number its own Certificate of Calibration, an essential requirement for quality standards under BS EN ISO 9001.

How did they get to the moon?

On a Saturn II rocket made by North American Rockwell Space Corporation who used the vernier periphery tapes supplied by Pi Tape on all critical diameter measurements during the manufacturing process.

As a further tribute to its quality standard, we quote from the Pratt & Whitney Aircraft Company's manual, for their JT9D jet engine, - "the standard tool for the measurement of the rear compressor airseals, stages 5 through to 14, should be a periphery tape manufactured by Pi Tape" You may not want to go to the moon or even fly round the world, but its good to know that company's who do, trust and rely on our tapes. We can assure you that your product is just as important that's why we make all our tapes to the same high quality standard.

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